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Bubble Charts

Summary: Bubble charts can display up to 5 columns of data represented by the X axis, Y axis, Size of Bubble, Color of Bubble and Label for each bubble.

Bubble charts are a variation of Scatter charts where the data is represented by bubbles with different sizes and colors. Bubble charts can plot up to 5 columns having at least 3 metrics. The elements used to represent the 5 columns are : X axis, Y axis, Size of Bubble, Color of Bubble and Label for each bubble.

In the case of three metrics, the bubble chart will show bubbles with the same color, with the X axis,Y axis and Size of bubble representing the three metrics:

Bubble chart

Adding another dimension will show colored bubbles based on the values of the dimension.

Bubble With Dimension

Instead of adding a dimension, we can add a fourth metric to the three existing ones. This will also use color to represent the 4th metric. Since the 4th metric is numeric, AnswerDock will use a color scale to represent the values of the 4th metric:

Bubble With 4 Metrics

Chart Options
Option Explanation
X Axis The Metric used for X axis.
Y Axis The Metric used for Y axis.
Size The Metric used for the size of the Bubble.
Color The Dimension used to segment the bubbles by color.
Label The Dimension used for the label of each bubble.
Numbers Format Change the format of the numbers used in the Axes and on-hover data call-outs of the chart.
Legend Location Select the location for the legend that shows the color coding of the bubbles.