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AnswerDock is an AI-driven analytics platform for the enterprise. It provides answers to business users' questions and allows them to make better and faster data-driven decisions, without the need for data analysts.

The Answerdock Difference: Made for Business Users

Using AnswerDock, business users create their own reports and dashboards by typing their questions, just like using a web search engine.

Need a sales report? type Top 10 Sales People by growth in number of leads this quarter. AnswerDock runs the analysis and displays the optimal visualization instantly, its that simple.

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A Business Intelligence Platform for the Enterprise

Administration Console, Data security at every level, Scheduled Dashboards and Alerts.

All the features you need for a fully data-driven organization

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Go Beyond Basic Analytics

AnswerDock instantly runs powerful data mining algorithms to answer questions asked in natural language, such as:

  • What drives my conversion rate up?
  • Why did Sales increase yesterday?
  • Whats driving shipment status to be delayed?
  • How does PageViews affect Revenue?

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Easy and Intuitive

Easily converse with your data using everyday language and a search-like web interface, guided by autocomplete suggestions


Generates Answers instantly as you type your question, no more waiting for data analysts to create your reports

Works with any data source

AnswerDock connects to a variety of data sources ranging from excel files to relational databases and will soon be able to connect to 3rd-party APIs such as Google Analytics

Secure and Scalable

Secure and scalable cloud storage with high speec data loading and automatic indexing

Combine Data from Multiple Sources

AnswerDock connects to a variety of sources from excel files to relational databases (Mysql, SQL Server, … ) to 3rd-party APIs such as Google Analytics* .Users can create dashboards combining multiple sources, enabling them to have an integrated view on their business

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Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy on-premise, using a 3rd-party Cloud provider or get a dedicated platform on our secure cloud solution

AnswerDock Dedicated Cloud

Fastest way to deploy AnswerDock. Get your own company domain as [YourCompany]. on our secure cloud platform

3rd-Party Cloud Providers

Deploy AnswerDock appliance on your favorite cloud provider such as AWS, Google Cloud and others (Coming soon)

On-Premise Deployment

Deploy AnswerDock appliance within your company's premises, on your own server.

AnswerDock Speaks Your Language

Talk to AnswerDock in plain English

How much did Revenue grow last week?

Over the last 3 months, on what week days did I have the most users?

What are the top cities by number of signups?

Hottest 2018 categories in revenue excluding electronics

Trend of daily requests over the last 30 days compared to last year

What percentage of my Patients came from NY in the last 30 days?

When were sales highest last week?

How many calls did we have last month?

Where is sales volume lowest this month?

How much did we grow in profit this month year on year?

Why did revenue drop this week?

Which products have highest share of revenue in United States?

Easily connect your data to start using AnswerDock

3 simple steps


Connect to Data Source

Upload your Data file (CSV or Excel)
or authenticate access to your database
or 3rd party application


Schedule Data Loads

Define how to regularly fetch
and update your data to keep
it up to date


Start Exploring

Once AnswerDock loads and indexes
your data, you can start exploring
right away!

Try AnswerDock on your data

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