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Sharing Questions

Saved questions can be shared with a user or a group, allowing them to only view or edit the question.

You can share a question with a user or a group using the question share button. The question needs to be saved first before its shared. Once its saved, do the following to share the question:

1- Click on the three dot menu, and select share.

Question Share Button

2- In the question sharing popup, click “Add user or group”

3- Lookup the user or group you would like to share the question with.

4- Choose either”view” or “edit” permission for the selected user or group. Edit permission allows the user or group to amend on the question and save it.

5- Click save.

Note: User must have an “explore” privilege to the underlying dataset for the question being shared. User will get an “Access Denied” message if she only has access to the question, without the required permission for the dataset.

Removing a User or Group

To un-share a question, do the following:

1- Click on the three dot menu, and select share.

2- Click the delete icon next to the user or group

3- Click save.