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Sorting Data

You can sort and limit the data in the answer to your question by using the Top and Botton keywords. Below is an example:

  • Top 5 countries in revenue this month.

This will return the top 5 countries sorted by revenue this month. Note that if you only use Top and do not specify a number, it will default to the top 10. You can also use Bottom to sort from low to high. As in the case of other keywords, AnswerDock will also understand synonyms for the Top and Bottom, such as least, most, highest, lowest, etc..

If you want to sort the data but you do not want to limit the returned rows, you can use the sort setting for the chart. In this case you would type:

  • Revenue by country this month.

Then you can change the sorting of the data in chart settings> sort by. By default, the data will be sorted from highest to lowest. The settings for each chart are explained in detail in a dedicated Working with charts section.