Analyze Your Data in Seconds

You just need to ask.


Answerdock indexes your data in the cloud for quick data retrieval and real time granular computations. You get answers as you type.

Speaks your language

Ask Answerdock the same way you ask a data analyst for a report. It can even learn your company's jargon by defining custom keywords

Accurate and Transparent

Answerdock provides detailed analysis explanation and word by word interpretation of your question so you know exactly how the answer is computed

Secure and scalable

Secure cloud connection with enterprise-wide data governance. Users and groups management, with row and column level permissions.

Go Beyond Basic Analysis

Perform complex data analysis with a simple question

Plot metrics over a time interval

Calculate growth over time compared to a previous period


Calculate metrics in different time periods

Want to know the reason for that sales increase? Ask why.


Understand relationships between columns to know what drives your important metrics

Natural Language Processing Regression Analysis

Discover associations by running data mining algorithms, with a simple question

Understand what factors are affecting your key metrics

Visualize your data on a map


Calculate share of specific segments

Link Answerdock to Any Data Source

Flat files, Relational Databases and APIs

Flat files

Upload csv or excel files and start analyzing your data immediately

Relational Databases

Connect to Mysql, Sql Server, Maria DB and other relational databases, with frequent data loads to ensure your data is always fresh

3rd party APIs and cloud apps

Connect to 3rd party APIs like Google analytics, Asana, and others. Have your data from different applications accessible in one place

Easily connect your data to start using AnswerDock

Connect to Data Source

Upload your Data file (CSV or Excel)
or authenticate access to your database
or 3rd party solution

Schedule Data Loads

Define how to regularly fetch
and update your data to keep
it up to date

Start exploring

Once AnswerDock loads and indexes
your data, you can start exploring
right away!

All The Features You Need, in One Comprehensive Analytics Solution

Search Based Analytics

Natural Language Processing

Auto Chart Selection

30+ Interactive chart type

50+ Customization Options

Data mining and Insights Discovery

Analysis Explanation

Custom Keywords

Automatic Data Indexing

Sharing and Collaboration

Formula-based Columns

Datasets Joins

Administration Console

Scheduled Data Loads

Analysis Data Download

Export to CSV, PNG or PDF

Column, Row and Dataset Permissions

Scale As Per Your Needs

Users Management

Interactive Dashboards

Save and Share Your Questions

Product Documentation

Knowledge Base and Forums

Product Support

Flexible Options to Deploy and Embed AnswerDock

Deploy on-premise or on cloud and embed anywhere
Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy on-premise, using a 3rd-party Cloud provider or get a dedicated platform on our secure cloud solution

Embedded Analytics

Empower Your Applications with AI and Search Driven Analytics.

Next Generation BI Architecture

AI and Search-Driven, Intuitive Analytics, Automated, Secure and Scalable.

Want to know more? Check out our video tutorials or  AnswerDock Product Documentation or contact us for any questions

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