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Advanced Data Filters

Summary: Advanced filters allow for more flexible filtering of data. You can filter a column for a single or multiple values, as well as apply a filter on a metric aggregate to be above a certain threshold

You can apply advanced data filters to limit your question or search to a specific subset of data. The general form of a data filter is

Column Name  + Filter operator + Value

Column Name: The name of the metric or dimension column

Filter Operator: This refers to any operator such as equal, not equal, containing, similar to, etc.. Note that AnswerDock supports dozens of filters and their synonyms, so there is no need to memorize keywords or wordings, you only need to type the filter as you would normally say it

Filter Value: This represents the the value to compare with, can be a string or a number. It can be also multiple values separated by OR, AND, or space

Filter Example Notes
Equal,= Number of orders category=electronics or fashion
Number of requests country=US CN BR
Other keywords: Equals,equal to, etc..
Seperate filter values by OR or Spave
Not equal, <>,!=, excluding Revenue by country excluding us and japan
>, above, over Customers with over 5k in bookings this year
Companies with more than 100 employees
Last week keywords with search duration above 2
Which countries have below 10T gdp in 2016?
You can include a field (e.g. revenue) or
aggregate + field e.g (average revenue)
in the filter expression
You can write numbers in short format :1K, 2M, 5B, 10T, etc..
<,below,under, less Patients with stay duration < 2 by age group
Begins with, starting Keywords starting with iphone over time this month
Ends with,ending, .. Customers with name ending with smith or jones
Containing, similar, like Average order completion time for category containing electronics
Sales for products similar to note%phone
% denotes any character (equivalent to *)
Not + filter Gdp by country continent not north america You can use not with any other filter to reverse it
Not blank, not empty Sessions by channel with channel not blank Will exclude empty string values while null and other values will be included
Blank, empty Reviews with comments empty
Products with description is blank
Will include only empty string values, will exclude null and other values
Not null Sessions by channel with channel not null Will exclude null values (will show empty strings and other values)
Null Products with description equal null Will include only null values (will not show even empty strings)
Not empty or null Sessions with channel not empty or null Will not include records with empty or null values
Empty or null Products with description equal null or empty Will include records with empty or null values
Space orders from customers with name not equal space Use pace to denote an empty space ” “, you can use it with any filter operator like equals, not equal, contains, etc..
searches with keyword containing space
Exclude,Excluding Orders by category excluding express shipment Exclude + column value removes the records with that specified column value
Between Landing pages with bounce rate between 10 and 50 this week