AnswerDock Embedded Analytics

Empower Your Applications with AI and Search Driven Analytics.
embedded analytics

Multiple Ways to Embed AnswerDock

Integrate AnswerDock’s search, charts and dashboards directly into your product

Embedded Search

Embed AnswerDock's search bar and empower you applications with a search driven analytics.

Embedded Charts

Embed AnswerDock's fully customizable charts directly into your business applications.

Embedded Dashbaords

Gain more insights by embedding AnswerDock's interactive dashboards

Insights for Everyone

Empower your employees, customers and partners with self-service analytics in a seamless yet controlled way.

Seamless Integration

Few simple steps to flexibly embed AnswerDock's search, charts and dashboards into your applications.

Easy to use

Give your customers and partners access to an easy and intuitive search analytics experience.

Secure and Governed

Give controlled access to your data with dataset, row and column level permissions.


Scale as you grow your reach to more clients and partners with AnswerDock cloud or your on-premise infrastructure

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i embed answerdock?

You can embed AnswerDock into your web products, company websites, client portals and other applications.

How does embedding work?

In Summary, you create a dataset, chart or dashboard using your AnswerDock Account. Then you can define the embed settings for each of these objects, along with the permissions required to access them. AnswerDock will generate a code snippet that you can embed in your application.

Try the Demo

Try AnswerDock on a sample retail dataset. No need for registration or login.


Try on your own data

Try AnswerDock on your own data by signing up to the free version (all features with unlimited users and 1M data rows).


Watch Tutorials

Watch demo videos to know learn more about AnswerDock.