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Datasets List Page

You can access a list of your datasets from the top link “My Datasets”. This page displays all the datasets uploaded by you or shared by other users.

My Datasets

To edit the dataset settings, click on the dataset row or on the edit icon. This will open the Dataset Properties Page where you can edit dataset properties, field settings, custom keywords, load schedule and connection settings. Access to these features will depend on the The  dataset permissions granted to the user.

To delete a dataset, click the delete button. Note that when deleting a dataset, all saved questions related to the dataset will be deleted as well. The delete action depends on the dataset permissions granted to the user.

To explore the dataset, click on the search icon. This will redirect to the explore page with the dataset selected, listing the records in the dataset. The search guidance menu will show previously saved questions, and examples of questions to get you started in exploring the dataset.

Dataset Explore