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Natural Language Questions

AnswerDock has a large and continuously expanding set of keywords that allows the user to ask the question in multiple ways. In addition, AnswerDock NLP engine is capable of understanding how words related to each other within the same syntax and generate answers based on these relationships.

Below are some examples of questions you can ask along with some variations to show AnswerDocks NLP capabilities:


  • how much did Revenue grow last week
    • What is the Revenue increase over the past week
    • how did Revenue change jan 12 2019 – jan 19 2019 compared to previous week
  • Over the last 3 months, on what week days did I have the most users?
    • past 3 months users by weekday
  • Show me a breakdown of my customers by platform
    • customers by platform
    • top platforms by customers
  • What are the top cities by number of signups?
    • signups by city top
  • Absolute growth of Sessions over this week
    • Absolute increase of Sessions in the current week
    • How much did Sessions change this week
  • Why did Profit change this week
    • whats the reason Profit changed so far this week
    • what are the factors affecting the change in Profit this week
  • Top Categories by revenue excluding electronics
  • Show me a trend of visits over the last 60 days
    • Visits daily past 60 day
    • Daily number of Visits previous 60 days
  • What percentage of my Patients came from NY in the last 30 days?
    • share of NY patients last 30 day
  •  Trend of daily requests over the last 30 days compared to last year
    • requests daily past 30 days yoy
    • year on year requests daily last 30 day
  • What countries have over 1000 in revenue last month?
    • revenue by country last month total revenue > 1000
  • Whats the month over month growth rate of sales?
    • mom sales
    • sales this month compared to last month
  • What categories have highest share of revenue in United States?
    • biggest categories in revenue percentage in United States
  • Compare charges this week vs last week
  • Absolute growth of users over this week
  • How many calls did we have last month?
    • Calls last month
  • When were sales highest last week
  • Where is sales volume lowest