Subscription Plans

Scalable and customizable according to your needs


One Month trial

  • Includes 1 user
  • Up to 1 user
  • 3 Datasets
  • 50 MB file upload
  • 50K total rows limit
  • 35 column per dataset
  • All Data Sources

  • Natural language questions
  • Simple, easy and guided search
  • Column names synonyms
  • Automatic optimal chart selection
  • 30+ interactive chart types
  • 50+ customization options
  • Data mining algorithms
  • Analysis explanation
  • Word by word interpretation
  • Download Graph Data
  • Download Underlying Data
  • Chart export to pdf, xls and png
  • Data Drill Through
  • Custom/ Formula Fields
  • Custom Keywords
  • Automatic data indexing
  • Saved Questions
  • Dashboards
  • Product guide and documentation




  • Includes 5 users
  • 35$/month per additional user
  • Unlimited datasets
  • 250 MB file upload
  • 5M total rows limit
  • 50 columns per dataset
  • All Data Sources

  • All features of free trial, plus:
  • Users Management
  • Groups Management
  • Row level permissions
  • Column level permissions
  • Dataset level permissions
  • Admin Console
  • High speed data loading
  • Hourly data loads
  • 25 Data Load jobs per Day
  • Datasets joins
  • Share visualizations
  • Share dashboards
  • Schedule dashboards


  • All features of standard and free license



Cloud and on-premise

  • Customized Plan

Need a more powerful cloud plan?

Need to install on premise or third party cloud providers?

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a free trial version?

Yes, our free version allows you to try out AnswerDock for 30 days on your own data. Signing up is quick and easy with no need for credit card information to try out the free version. Note that the free trial is intended for individual use. If you would like to try the collaboration and administration features company-wide, please contact us to upgrade your trial.

How and where will you store my data?

For the  cloud plans, your data will be periodically loaded and secured on Answerdock`s cloud storage. This enables us to cache and index your data to guarantee fast search and data retrieval. Note that you will have your dedicated (not shared) server to host your data and process your company’s requests on AnswerDock. We use a secure HTTPS connection to connect from your browser to the server.

Do you have an on premise solution?

Yes, we offer an on-premise solution that will allow you to deploy AnswerDock Appliance on your own servers inside your company’s premises. Please contact us to guide you on further details of the deployment.



Can I upgrade later to increase users or storage capacity?

Yes, similar to any cloud hosting solutions like AWS or Azure or Google Cloud, you can upgrade your storage or add new users as per your needs

What data connectors do your support?

Currently we support CSV, Excel, Mysql,SQL server,Maria DB and Postgresql. We are adding more connectors regularly and can work on customized connectors to fit your requirements.

How will my data stay up to date?

If your data is from a CSV or Excel File, you can upload additional files as frequently as you need. If your data is linked to a DB server like mysql or sql server, you will be able to define periodic jobs to retrieve your data at specific intervals and keep it up to date.

I do not have a lot of users, but i have large datasets, which plan is the best for me?

You can start with the standard plan of five users, with 10GB storage and 5M rows. If you need to expand in storage or number of rows, you can add increments for an extra monthly fee.

What happens after i signup for a paid plan?

We will setup your AnswerDock workspace according to your number of users and other plan’s details. Using your admin login, you would be able to add datasets and users to start using Answerdock.

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