Get Automatic Insights in One Click

Using the power of AI, AnswerDock automatically runs machine learning algorithms and uncovers interesting insights.

Auto Insights2

Detect Anomalies

Discover Clusters


Find Sub-segments Outliers

Identify Upward or Downward Trends


Detect Correlations Between Metrics


Uncover Time Series Cross Correlation

Cross correlation time series

Auto insights Embedded Everywhere in AnswerDock

Uncover Insights related to your search, Dashboard or Your Whole Dataset

Search Related Insights

AnswerDock can automatically identify insights related to your search or question

Dataset Related Insights

AnswerDock can automatically identify insights for the whole dataset, focusing on the mostly used columns, or the ones you specify.

Dashboards Related Insights

AnswerDock can automatically identify insights focusing on the ones related to your questions in a specific Dashboard.

Powerful, Easy to Use and Personalized to your Interests

Uncover personalized insights with one click

Sophisticated Algorithms

Dozens of powerful machine learning algorithms at the click of a button.

Easy to use

Use Auto-insights to uncover insights for your search, dashboard or whole dataset, with one click.

Personalized Insights

AnswerDock learns from your search history and highlights insights related to your interests

Fast and Powerful

AnswerDock leverages in-memory calculation engine to perform thousands of queries within minutes.

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